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Industry and Commerce

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of Vasteras. Maybe the trading-friendly location and a wide and varied industry that creates great opportunities for networking and collaboration over boundaries play an important role.

In Vasteras there are industries and commerce with potential. The high-technology export industry is the basis for industry in Vasteras with ABB, Westinghouse Electric, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom Sweden, Areva T & D, GenerPro and others in the forefront; companies, which in return require a strong service structure, so that technical consultants with breadth and depth can be found here. Internationally, Vasteras is regarded as a world-leading centre for industrial automation and information technology. There are 9,400 active companies with approximately 60,000 employees.

Vasteras has a strategically advantageous position in the heart of Sweden, where Lake Malaren is of great significance. First-class transport by boat, motorway, air and rail as well as electronic communications are important for growth and development. Vasteras is considered to be one of the better logistics cities in Sweden because of its central location. ICA (a large food retail chain) was founded in Vasteras and now has one of its central warehouses for both perishable and durable goods located here. A few years ago the Hilton Food Group also opened its first meat-packing plant here.

From having been a business-to-business city, where large companies trade and conduct business amongst themselves, Vasteras is increasingly becoming an important city for private consumption as well. Vasteras has a very high retail index, which shows that many come to Vasteras to shop and that Vasteras is a strong regional market player.

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