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Economic structure

Vasteras is characterized by a balanced economic structure; approximately 20,000 employees in the public sector, about 25,000 in trade and services and approximately 15,000 working for regional exporters. The labour market is large.

Vasteras is a technological and commercial city with highly skilled workers and 30,000 citizens who have a higher education degree. There are approximately 3,700 registered companies and the industrial sector is going through a positive
transformation. The industry is expanding, particularly in areas such as process control, automation and industrial information technology, logistics and transport, trade, media, events, graphic industry and advertising.

The Vasteras Science Park continues its positive development and is now the country's fifth largest Science Park. This creates many small businesses that provide jobs. Qualified service providers in all industries are represented in Vasteras business and for many years the city has been a regional centre for trade with growing and exciting opportunities. In addition, some of the major food chains, ICA, Coop and Servera R & S, are established here with large storage facilities.

With its location in Malardalen, Vasteras, has a large trading area. The city has become a major regional trading town. The total trade index is 129. Business support functions and organizations work together for the industry's continued growth and development.

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