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International work

The City of Vasteras is being increasingly affected by legislation emanating from outside Sweden. Sweden’s membership of the EU means that a large part of the legislation controlling the City’s activities now comes from Europe.

It is therefore extremely important to maintain a high level of awareness of the international processes and national applications which may influence the City. The international work complies with the guidelines of the international policy approved by the Executive Committee in 2006. In accordance with this policy, the purpose of our international involvement is to promote growth in the area and to contribute to the business development of the City of Vasteras in addition to peace, democracy and safety.

The City of Vasteras shares certain problems with a large number of cities not only in Europe but also elsewhere in the world. It is intended that contacts and the exchange of experience with other countries should bring benefit to the inhabitants of the City of Vasteras and its commercial life, and also contribute to a competitive city committed to sustainable development. Cooperation on an international level should be a complement or alternative to local and national initiatives and should be seen as part of a general investment in the future.

An international coordinator linked to the City Executive Office has the task of supporting and stimulating the international activities of the Departments. The coordinator's duties include; creating the preconditions for an exchange of experience and network building, externally and internally, promoting and stimulating project applications, cooperating with international, national and regional actors, supporting international visits and acting as a gateway to the City for international contacts.

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