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International policy


For many years, Vasteras city has been working on international questions. The ambition is to continue to be active and to develop the international work of the city. We shall assimilate valuable knowledge and experience from other countries in Europe and from other parts of the world. The international work of Västerås city shall contribute to an increased understanding, integration and contact between human beings and different cultures. Our international contacts shall be directed towards efforts to achieve a long-term lasting development and, where appropriate, support for democratic forces. The international work shall contribute to developing the various activities of Vasteras city and to increasing the competence of the employees. It shall also be directed towards stimulating an internationalization in the external activities taking place within the municipality. The city’s international cooperation and contacts shall aim to develop a mutual interchange, to disseminate knowledge of Sweden and Vasteras so that our conditions and opportunities are known.

Summary of our vision

Through its international work, Vasteras city shall act for peace, democracy and respect for human rights. A guiding principle for the municipal authority is a development towards a sustainable society, an expanded learning and a greater understanding through meeting with other cultures. Through its international work, Vasteras city shall also contribute to the development of industry and commerce in the municipality.


  • To stimulate to activities and raise the competence within the city’s activities through its international work.
  • To participate in international networks, particularly within EU.
  • To seek international partners in developmental projects.
  • To consider within all the municipal activities the possibility of applying for funds for international activity from e.g. EU’s funds and programmes.
  • To increase interest in international issues among children and young people by encouraging schools to make international contacts.
  • To maintain and develop our twin-town contacts and existing networks through a continued exchange of knowledge and experience and, if necessary, to develop cooperation projects.

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