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International projects

Västerås is participating in a number of EU-funded development projects to develop and provide a better service to citizens. In addition to the EU projects Västerås is also involved in other international collaborations and projects.

Through working with reducing injustices and poverty throughout the world better conditions for development, peace and security for all peoples and nations is enabled. In an increasingly globalized world, we all depend on and are influenced by each other.

Västerås city works with the support from SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency), or by the Nordic Council of Ministers (the official inter-governmental body).

Gaborone Transfer and Recycling Station
At the moment, the city of Västerås is involved in a Municipal Partnership with Gaborone City Council with the project Gaborone Transfer and Recycling Station, which started at the end of February this year.

The project will conduct a feasibility study on a reloading/recycling facility in Gaborone. The overall objective of the project is that waste management in Gaborone becomes more efficient and socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Through sound resource management, a recycling and transfer station will contribute to help combat climate change and decrease the negative impact on the environment, while, creating jobs and strengthening the local authority through collaboration between public and private sectors.

The feasibility study will contain information about a transfer station with sorting and recycling facilities, including design, location and environmental impact assessment and business and ownership models.

The Management Committee of the partnership has decided to develop and broaden the partnership to include a pilot project and school exchanges to increase awareness of waste management in general and waste separation and recycling in particular.

The partnership runs from February 2013 to February 2016.

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