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Summer job trainees in China

Ten youth have been offered summer job trainee positions in China. They will work at the Swedish Pavilion at World Expo International Horticultural Exposition 2014 in the city Qingdao.

They will represent Sweden, Västmanland county and their own city Västerås. This will become a unique experience for the youth, giving them a good track when applying for jobs in the future. Moreover, the youth will get the opportunity to experience Chinese culture, meet with Chinese youth and not least they will get a different and exciting summer job trainee. A group leader employed at the City of Västerås will accompany the youth to and in Qingdao to assist the trainees.

Västerås in the world
Summer job trainee in China is also a concrete example of the City of Västerås work to achieve the vision Västerås 2026 - City without borders in which we see ourselves and Västerås in the world. Through creative partnerships with several organizations in Västerås and globally in China this has been able to become a reality.

What will the summer job trainees do?
An exhibition like this involves a variety of tasks. There will be all from guiding guests, organizing events, keeping in contact with companies, serving food and refreshments to be working with back-office administration. It can also be dancing around the maypole in the garden or singing Swedish summer songs to showcase Swedish culture.

The summer job trainee will lasts for five weeks. The youth depart to China on 30th June and arrives home on 1st August 2014.

Before the trip the youth have met to get information on China, the Shandong province and the cities Qingdao and Jinan. The information also included the rules and conditions that apply to summer job trainee and what the Swedish Pavilion symbolizes. At the information meeting the youth also got vaccinated and completed forms for visa application.

Did you know that it was in Qingdao that the water sports in the Olympics in China was held and that Marcus Oscarsson from Västerås then won the gold in the canoe!

How have the youth been selected? What are the requirements of the summer job trainees? Will the youth get salary?
The selection has worked the same way as for all summer job trainee positions that is offered by the city. Among the 99 applicants for a summer job trainee in China 15 were picked out to be interviewed. Of these, ten youth were selected to represent and work for the City of Västerås at the World Exhibition Qingdao Expo 2014 in China.

The salary is SEK 77 per hour, holiday pay is 12 percent and working hours are 40 hours per week, totally 200 hours.

The following requirements have been placed on the selected youth:

  • they are registered in Västerås
  • they are 18 years old or more
  • they are students at the upper secondary school, or have just finished the upper secondary school (June 2014)
  • Fluency in English
  • Knowledge of Mandarin is an advantage
  • sense of service and an outreach approach
  • they are proud of their country and want to represent Sweden, Västmanland county and the City of Västerås.

Cost, accommodation and food
Travel and associated costs are funded through travel scholarships. The companies Mimer AB, Mälarenergi AB and Establishment Västerås AB as well as the County Administrative Board of Västmanland and the City of Västerås pays for the travel scholarships.

The accommodation will be basic in apartments shared by the youth but they will have their own space. Food and transportation in Qingdao will be paid for by YES International Group AB. Information about YES International Group is in the link list.

Who will accompany the youth from the city?
A group leader employed by the City of Västerås will accompany the youth to and in Qingdao to assist the trainees.

Qingdao Expo 2014
Qingdao Expo is a world exhibition going on for six months, 25th April to the end of October and is expected to attract around twelve million visitors. For the Swedish Pavilion/Garden the corresponding figure is approximately four million visitors.

Youth exchange with Jinan
Shandong province is a twin region with Västmanland county since 20 years ago. The Jinan City, the provincial capital of Shandong, has invited the youth for a cultural exchange. During the trip, the youth therefore will get to visit Jinan. Over two days, they will stay at the Jinan University, meet with Chinese students, and experience the language and some tourist attractions in Jinan.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the group leader
Hanna Galorini Soderberg, +46-21-39 15 46, hanna.galorini.soderberg[at]vasteras.se
Charlotta Filling, +46-21-39 26 36, ewa.charlotta.filling [at]vasteras.se
Ann Hovberg, +46-21-39 21 31, ann.hovberg [at] vasteras.se

In the link list below you will find more information about the World Expo 2014, and YES International Group AB.

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