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How Västerås is Governed 

The municipality is a democratically governed organization, and elected representatives are responsible for municipal activities.

Every fourth year, Västerås elects a new City Council Assembly - a "municipal parliament". These elections are held at the same time as elections to the County Council and the National Parliament. The next election will take place on 9 September 2018.

The 61 seats in the City Council Assembly are distributed proportionally according to the number of votes. The City Council Assembly selects the members of the City Executive Committee and members of the other committees and boards. The Executive Committee is the local equivalent of the Cabinet at the national level.

The City Council Assembly meets in accordance with a set timetable, and the general public is welcome to attend. The time, place and agenda are always advertised in advance in the local press and on this website. The written documents and reports discussed are public information and are available to the public.

City Council Assembly

The City Council Assembly is the city's highest decision-making body, and takes key decisions that concern the municipal organizational structure, finances, and overall planning, the appointment of members of committees and the terms of reference for these committees. The seat distribution for the current term of office 2014-2018 is:

  • The Social Democratic Party 21
  • The Green Party 4
  • The Left Party 4
  • The Moderate Party (The Conservatives) 15
  • The Liberal Party 5
  • The Centre Party 4
  • The Christian Democrats 2
  • Sweden Democrats 6

The Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats cooperate to make up the ruling majority. Chairman of the City Council Assembly is currently Ulla Persson (S) (The Social democratic Party).

City Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the City Council Assembly, and are responsible for the overall management and coordination. The Executive Committee is also responsible for city finances and it draws up budget proposals. All matters on the City Council Assembly's agenda are first discussed by the Executive Committee, assisted by officials in the City Executive Office.

The City Council Assembly appoints three city commissioners from members of the Executive Committee. One commissioner represents the political majority and chairs the Executive Committee - this post is currently held by Anders Teljebäck (S) (The Social Democratic Party).

Committees and Boards

The city's operations are so comprehensive that the Executive Committee cannot possibly take all the necessary decisions, so it is assisted by a number of politically appointed committees and boards responsible for the various areas concerned. The members of these committees and boards are elected by the City Council Assembly. The three municipal commissioners work on a full-time basis. This also applies to a limited number of other city politicians - due to the workload involved. The remaining councillors and committee members are "part-time politicians", who have other professions in addition to their political duties. Matters raised in the Executive Committee or the City Council Assembly have often been discussed by a committees or a subcommittee to which the City Council Assembly and the Executive Committee have delegated decision-making powers in certain questions.

City Administrations

The City of Vasteras use a client-contractor model. Each committee has an administrative unit, with employees who prepare items of business and supervise that political decisions are implemented and that business is conducted within the committee's area of responsibility. The City's Chief Executive Officer is the senior city official – this post is currently held by Bo Dahllöf.

City Companies

Some city operations are conducted by city companies that are wholly or jointly owned by the city – for example the city's energy company Malarenergi AB (100%), the harbour Malarhamnar AB (55%), the city's housing company Bostads AB Mimer (100%), strategic properties Västerås Stads Strategiska Fastigheter AB (100%), the airport Västerås Flygplats AB (100%), student housing AB Västerås Studentbostäder (100%), Etablering Västerås AB (51%), the train station Västerås Central AB (49%) and the waste management company VafabMiljo AB (43,6%).


The city auditors report directly to the City Council Assembly. They examine all the activities conducted by the city, irrespective of the legal or organizational form involved.


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