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The decision-making process

Example: A part-time politician prepares a written motion.


When a motion is submitted, it is registered, stamped with the date of receipt and allotted a registration number.

Preparation of documentation

The next step involves the preparation of the documentation on which a decision can be based. This is done by employees of the City´s administrative departments who have the necessary expertise, taking into account, for example, the relevant legislation, official reports and union rules. City officials prepare a proposal for a decision.

Discussion prior to a decision

The proposal is then discussed by the Executive Committee, prior to a decision. Representatives of the various political parties in the Executive Committee propose rejection or approval of the proposal.


The motion is finally discussed by the City Council Assembly, where the purpose and contents of the motion are debated, prior to a vote. If the motion is approved, the appropriate administration will be assigned the task of implementing it.

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