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The Right to Vote

Swedish democracy is based on the concept that the citizens elect their representatives in free elections, giving each citizen an opportunity to participate in current and future developments in the community.

There are four types of elections; to the Swedish parliament, to the County Council, to the City (Municipal) Council and to the European Parliament. Voters vote for a party and can at the same time express a preferential vote for a specific candidate on the ballot paper by placing a cross in front of that candidate’s name. The electoral system is proportional, which means that the number of party members elected is in proportion to the number of votes that the party has received. To vote in elections for the Swedish Parliament, you must be;

  • a Swedish citizen 18 years of age or older on the date of the election
  • registered in the electoral register
  • not declared incapable of managing your own affairs

Citizens of other EU member states who fulfil the conditions stated above, and who have not voted in a European Parliament election in another member state, are entitled to vote in Sweden in elections to the European Parliament.

All other foreign citizens are entitled to vote in County Council and City Council Assembly elections if they meet the above requirements and if they have been registered as residents in Sweden for three consecutive years on the date of the election.


Any person entitled to vote in an election is also eligible to stand as a candidate in that election, provided that the person is a member of party registered to participate in the election. To be eligible for election to a County Council or City Council, you must be a registered resident within the county or municipality in question

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