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Pre-school and school

Education is one of the city’s most important areas of development. The City of Vasteras invests annually slightly more than two billion Swedish kronor on education – from preschool to adult education.

Vasteras is also a classic school city with the country’s oldest upper secondary school, founded as early as 1623. Vasteras (and Eskilstuna), also has one of Sweden’s youngest, but most dynamic universities – Malardalen University.

Preschools, nine-year compulsory schools and upper secondary schools are the responsibility of the municipality. Education is financed via tax revenues. Schooling is compulsory for all children aged 7 to 15. The municipality offers education in approximately 90 pre-schools, 60 nine-year compulsory schools, six upper secondary schools and a school for adult education. In less than two years, 90 new preschool departments and places for more than 1,000 new preschool students have been created. The preschool investment in Vasteras is unique in its scope, including new departments, premises, more staff, smaller child groups and new employees at the same time that the preschools’ pedagogical concept has been further developed.

Swedish language tuition and native language training is available to immigrants. Furthermore there are a number of pre-schools, nine-year compulsory schools and upper secondary schools that are independent but receive a local government grant.

And at secondary school pupils get to choose between subjects such as music, dance, drama, handball, scientific research, environmental studies, golf and media.

The upper secondary schools are big enough to offer all students their first choice subjects. A number of upper secondary school programmes are highly specialized, such as ACS, Aviation College of Sweden, with training for all levels within aviation.

There are many independent schools, both at secondary and upper secondary level. They provide specific curriculum for sciences, humanities or aesthetic subjects, dance and music, industry and business.

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