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Vasteras 2026 - A city without limits

Now, we are there. We have reached 2026 on our exciting journey into the future.

A vision several years ago gave us the strength and the will to create a city without limits, a vision nurtured by the people who reside and live in our city – people like you and me.

We saw the opportunities and we wove together our history and our future. We looked backwards and at the same time understood the logical way to continue forwards – from the light of the first electric lamp, via innovation, interaction and drive to a city without limits. A city where people feel that everything is possible. A city to be proud of. A city in which human beings and technology combine in a thriving symbiosis.

Knowledge leading the world

Our proud educational tradition, with Sweden’s first upper secondary school, has created a school system which gives the best possible start for learning and the acquisition of knowledge by children and young people. Here the family rejoices together with the children in their development.

Our university is drawing up a new agenda for the role of science in society; a university which is dynamically contributing to developing the region and which interacts with seats of learning and companies all over the world. We take advantage of the attractive power of the major companies which have been born in the city, ABB, ICA and H&M. We challenge the impossible, but we always do this with wisdom and sustainable long-term solutions.

The city’s stable foundation of enterprise and business successes attracts and gathers competence. We continue to be leading not only in the spheres of electric power, automation, environmental and energy engineering, but also within other spheres of technology. We have a strong position in the modern technological landscape, and we therefore attract new talents who seek to settle here. Innovations spread like circles on the water and Västerås acts like a magnet for the entrepreneurial spirit.

The ability of Vasteras to combine technical development with human needs gives the city a unique strength, through which we shall build the new welfare society, a society which creates opportunities for all who wish for a good life in Vasteras.

Together for Vasteras

Vasteras is a city which bubbles with commitment. The citizens of Vasteras feel that they are participating, and they have a strong desire to take part and contribute. This strong commitment also creates a curiosity about each other and our differences. Multiplicity is our great asset and we see a potential in differences. We have an inherent respect for each other and our city.

Through our open attitude, we shall continue to develop and challenge. We broaden the welfare and people’s security. Our residential districts, beside lake Malaren and in the countryside are seething with will and commitment. Our strength lies in our combined potential and we have the wisdom to use this strength. Associations, companies and public operations have created environments and activities in which everybody can find a social context to belong to, opening the way to unique conditions for exciting and developing meetings – everything from a cosy café environment to more grandiose experiences within culture and sports. As a regional trading city, Vasteras has developed increasingly strong roots and has, through many years of creative new thinking, found unique ways of combining external shopping centres close to residential districts with a pulsing city centre.

Vasteras city is full of life. Investments in central housing combined with a lively range of activities and trade provide a stimulus to both excitement and relaxation. Restaurants and other popular meeting-places lie like a strong of pearls and the city displays a strong faith in its own development, which is also symbolized in its characteristic architecture. Our city is mobile, colourful and eventful, and this makes it a secure and harmonious city in which to live. Vasteras is a city where you can safely wander barefoot homewards on a summer night.

The city close to lake Malaren

History has had a clear influence on the position of Vasteras on the map. Its location close to the lake has provided opportunities for expansion and development, and we are a regional node for technology, trade and logistics. This has given us a stable foundation for growth. Lake Malaren is also an important part of our identity and more and more people are discovering Vasteras from the water. As the border between land and water becomes less distinct, we realize how a rich life in the archipelago increases our quality of life and inspires our recreation. We bathe on all the shores of Malaren and create oases in the city, where we can have a dip in the waters of the Svarta river.

The physical development of Vasteras is talked-about, amongst other things because we have successfully combined modern architecture with the human need for closeness to water and nature. This makes Vasteras not only a city beside lake Mälaren, but also an active part of the life of Malaren itself.

Vasteras in the world – the world in Vasteras

Our vision of our city as a city without limits means that we see not only ourselves in the world but also the world in us. Our conscious strategy is to create, through fertile and creative cooperation, added value which can benefit everybody. Through our innovation, we find productive ways of working and interacting. This means that we are increasingly a part of a larger context; a part of the Stockholm Malaren region, of Sweden, of Europe and the world.

Vasteras is a quick-footed global actor with a strong identity. What we do in Vasteras, the rest of the world will benefit from. There is not one single Vasteras model, but several. Not only in modern technology but also in the medical service, nursing and education, we are a medial success story. Our openness to new ideas, our wise forms of interaction and our technical conquests, mean that we can now move simply and environmentally effectively between the city and the countryside.

Through an infrastructure, in which we ourselves have participated in the technological development of environment-friendly alternatives, we are making possible a greater mobility, also for the rest of the surrounding world. Our modern transport system makes it easy for Stockholm and the rest of the world to get here. It also contributes to developing Västerås into an active meeting-place, with new meeting forms. More and more people are coming to our city and are wanting to participate.

Energy and pride

In field after field, we are proving that the unique combination of innovations through modern technology and human interaction gives results. We are showing drive and the ability to deliver. The result has not been long in coming. Vasteras is a city to be proud of, a city with self-respect, where we Vasteras citizens have a strong self-esteem – a feeling which we gladly mediate to our surroundings by talking about what we are doing.

Our indisputable hard work in harmony with modern transparency and creativity makes Vasteras a place where many people want to live their life. – a city for enterprise, a city in which to grow up and a city in which to grow old. It is indeed easy to settle and live in a city which always provides an opportunity of going forward. This is our city – Vasteras; a city in which nobody feels that there are any longer any limits.

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