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Welcome to Västerås! Here you can read about Västerås in Sorani.

Municipal matters are a part of the citizens of Västerås daily lives. One can come into contact with the municipality’s departments in different situations. For example when applying for a daycare position for your child, when you have questions regarding your home, when looking for a school for your child, when applying for help for the elderly or when borrowing a book at the public library.

You are welcome to visit the City Council at Fiskartorget, in central Västerås, if you need more help. At the reception there you will find personnel who can help you come in contact with someone who can answer your questions.

The reception’s opening hours:

  • Monday 7.30-18:00
  • Tuesday – Thursday 7.30-17.00
  • Friday 7.30-16:00

The opening hours for the eve of a public holiday may differ from the ordinary opening hours. You can contact the municipality of Västerås by telephone at 021-39 00 00 on weekdays between 7.30-16.00.

Read more about the municipality of Västerås in Sorani in the document below.


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Hjälpte informationen på denna sida dig?